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Legal Guidance and All Round Support and Advice for Your Family, Home and Work Life

Do you need help, guidance or support on any subject concerning your family, home or work?

BH Support exists to support the BH Community and to help everyone who needs it to get through this difficult time!

The current pandemic has caused and continues to cause so many of us a great deal of stress and upset at home and at work. Whether you need help with :

  • a relationship that has broken down
  • a job that has been lost or is in question
  • your business is suffering as a result of the Corona Virus
  • you have a complex legal situation and you don’t know where to start

We can help by providing legal guidance and all-round support or advice for your family, home and work.

BH Support, recently rebranded from Leges Support, is a not for profit business on Southbourne high street. We offer affordable legal support through issues such as divorce and separation, employment issues, debt management and general financial support, as well as new business help and practical business guidance.

BH Support helps you to resolve disputes

At BH Support we help you to de-emotionalise the situation and will always attempt to find an amicable and agreeable solution to any problem by approaching the other party in a ‘without prejudice’ manner.

If the matter has progressed beyond this point then we can work with you in court acting as litigation friends, supporting you with document control, assisting with understanding some of the more complex legal terms and empowering you to use your own voice as a litigant in person or to personally defend against any action taken against you.

Our highly experienced team offer expert legal guidance and tips to help you fully understand and navigate your way through defending or taking action through the civil courts.

We know that working ‘with’ people, not just ‘for’ them, keeps our support affordable and ensures the best outcome for people within our community.

We offer a 30 minute FREE consultation on any subject

We offer a safe and comfortable space to help plan the route to resolution with expert-by-experience peer support and subject matter experts. BH Support will help guide you through.

We provide a full circle of services to help care for, nurture and support the community, in good times and in bad.

Our space is given to supporting our community and our affordable legal services help people to navigate difficult life events and come to a positive resolution.

We believe that a strong and mutually supportive community can help each individual achieve success both personally and professionally. The people around us can inspire us, give us opportunities and restore a sense of belonging. With support, empathy and the right guidance we are all better equipped to navigate the most challenging times and situations.

If you have a difficult situation going on in your life and feel you need help working through it please contact us for your free consultation and let us see how we can support you.

Together we are strong!