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Divorce Proceedings –
Financial Dispute Resolution Support

Ms N, a local person who attended our open day in 2019, subsequently suffered domestic and financial abuse, resulting in the irrevocable breakdown of her marriage. Our support extended beyond McKenzie Friend administrative and moral support into support and attendance as a Litigation Friend in the Civil Court defending an application made by her former partner to gain Ms N’s pre-marital asset, her current home for her 4 children. We supported her through developing a ‘working together’ relationship, empowering her to complete all court applications whilst guiding her through the extensive document trail and supporting her within the court system, negotiating an affordable settlement with her former partners representative and finally a consent order finalising matters.

BH Support Cost – £ 75 per hour. Total Hours 18. Total Cost £1,350
High Street Equivalent –
Former Partner Legal Cost – £25,000
Defended Claim – £80,000
Negotiated Settlement – £2,000 over 2 years

Positive Social Impact:
Personal–  Ms N now knows and understands her legal rights and feels empowered to manage both the present and situations that may occur in the future.
Is more confident, emotionally balanced and is resilient in the face of difficulties.
Providing Ms N with the knowledge and support to make a choice to improve her situation means she can better support and parent her 4 children to achieve success and a positive future.
Financial- Financial stability and security is crucial to maintaining a healthy and happy life as well as physical and mental health. It is well known that children growing up in a financially depressed environment has a huge impact on their opportunities, relationships and mental health.
Community– This family is now able to stay active within their community, for the children to attend after school clubs and activities in keeping with their peers. Ultimately this helps to build community resilience, enabling people to make informed decisions and choices when they are faced with difficult life events.

Without BH Support
If Ms N had not received any professional support for this situation she and her 4 children would be at continued increasing risk of physical, emotional and financial harm. Long-term mental and physical health conditions, long-term unemployment and likely a move into unsuitable accommodation.

Getting legal support at a substantial cost would result in considerable financial problems, debt and mental and physical health issues immediately and for many years following.