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Our family team at BH Support have experience both personally and professionally and can offer you practical, expert support as well as empathy and understanding, helping you to make the best decisions and provisions for you and your family. Whether you are considering a divorce, legal separation or are facing a relationship breakdown, our team can give you the support and guidance you need to get through this very difficult time.

If you are going through, or considering the process of making a court application related to Family Law, it is understandable you may feel stressed, overwhelmed, and unsure of what to expect, however, BH Support are able to assist you with the process and provide reassurance.

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There are several court applications associated with your Family Law needs, including but not limited to:

  • Divorce – A divorce is a legal process of ending a marriage which involves applying to the court for a decree nisi, and a decree absolute which finalises the divorce.
  • Child Arrangements – This refers to the legal process of determining where a child will live, who they will have contact with, and how often. Although this can be resolved out of the court, it is important to understand this depends on the amicability of the parties involved.
  • Financial Orders – this refers to the legal process of determining how assets, finances and debt will be divided by parties following divorce or separation.
  • Protective Orders – there are two protective orders including a non-molestation order and an occupation order that will protect you from harassment and instances where abuse is present.

The BH Support team is committed to supporting you throughout your application process, whether you are seeking support but aren’t sure what the next steps are, or if you have already started the process and need assistance moving forward. When it comes to Family Law, there may be more than one application required, therefore, instructing us to help you will enable us to provide support and reassurance at every step.

Within the family support provision, our team support many local families through the family courts as court trends change and legal aid is reduced further and rarely available. This is achieved by delivering a full portfolio of administrative support, moral support, mentoring and McKenzie Friend court support.

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  • Family Law Support

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