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The cost of our support is aimed to be affordable to all families and we offer a range of subsidised rates dependent upon your entire circumstances and the gravity or complexity of the legal matter that requires support.

We are a not-for-profit organisation that does not have shareholders and we utilise social impact grants and surplus funds to subsidise our rates. Our rates start at £75 per hour, which is considerably lower than that of a high street solicitor who may charge in excess of £300 per hour for the same type of work.

We also offer payment plans which are individual to your personal circumstances as we understand that most families are rarely prepared for separation.

Following your initial meeting we will be better informed of the gravity of the position and the financial circumstances of the family. We will always provide a summary of your position and a proposal of support in writing unless the seriousness of the situation requires us to act faster to protect life or liberty, in which case we will place the applications and achieve protection before we consider the cost implications.

The BH Support Summary and Proposal will explain the steps that we suggest are taken to achieve the very best outcome and the costs are broken down into estimates and maximum charges in the same way that a solicitor is obliged to do so, except our rates are highly competitive and usually far cheaper as we work with you to achieve the outcome. Our summary and proposal includes an administration cost contribution which goes towards our general overheads and the administration support given. This allows us to continue the work that we do to support many families travelling through the legal system without having to charge high fees for every email, call, meeting or the costs of printing or postage.

In addition to our affordable fees, you should also expect to pay court application fees, court ordered penalties like costs orders and other costs outside of our direct control. We will always endeavour to find exemption to application fees and to mitigate any court ordered penalties dependent upon your individual circumstances.

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