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Our family team at BH Support have experience both personally and professionally and can offer you practical, expert support as well as empathy and understanding, helping you to make the best decisions and provisions for you and your family. Whether you are considering a divorce, legal separation or are facing a relationship breakdown, our team can give you the support and guidance you need to get through this very difficult time.

At BH Support we help you figure out and put in place the best arrangements for your children ensuring that you and your ex-partner share the financial support by helping you to understand how the law protects your children in this regard and also to divide your money and property.

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In Family Law, financial orders are legal orders that determine how financial assets and resources are to be divided between parties. These orders can be made by the Court or through an agreement between the parties, and they typically cover issues such as property division, spousal support, child support, and the division of debts. Financial orders are usually made as part of a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership, but they can also be made in other types of family law proceedings.

Overall, financial orders are an important aspect of Family Law as they help to ensure that both parties are able to maintain a reasonable standard of living following a divorce or separation.  The above matters can be resolved privately and presented to the Court in the form of a Consent Order which will make the terms legally enforceable, or,  an application can be made to the Court whereby each party will need to complete a full and frank financial disclosure and present these to a judge for them to determine how assets and liabilities are divided.

BH Support can assist you in achieving resolution through private negotiation or by providing application and court support. We can support you at any stage of your legal process.

Within the family support provision, our team support many local families through the family courts as court trends change and legal aid is reduced further and rarely available. This is achieved by delivering a full portfolio of administrative support, moral support, mentoring and McKenzie Friend court support.

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