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Our family team at BH Support have experience both personally and professionally and can offer you practical, expert support as well as empathy and understanding, helping you to make the best decisions and provisions for you and your family. Whether you are considering a divorce, legal separation or are facing a relationship breakdown, our team can give you the support and guidance you need to get through this very difficult time.

We at BH Support will do our very best to ensure the safety of you and your family, supporting you by working with you to fully understand your position. We will guide you through the legal options available to provide the fullest protection of the law, and we work alongside organisations and support groups that provide additional domestic abuse support.

Domestic Abuse affects people every day and many don’t realise they are victims of abuse. It can present in a variety of forms including psychological, physical, sexual, financial, or emotional and can include coercive controlling behaviour, commonly known as gaslighting.

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We at BH Support understand that this is a difficult subject and situation for a lot of people to be able to talk about. We will reassure you every step of the way that what you are doing is the right thing for you and your children and help you make sure you are in a position where you are protected. Domestic abuse can cause significant effects to people every day and can go unnoticed. Especially when it is not physical, but abuse in any form such as psychological, physical, sexual, financial, and emotional as well can all be addressed.

If your support extends beyond organisation such as the above, and you do require legal protection, there are some options out there for you moving forward and they can be in the form of two main applications for protective orders of either a Non -Molestation order or an Occupational order. They are in place to make sure you are kept as safe as possible. Here at BH Support we would sit down with you and figure out the best arrangements to be made for you and the best way to keep you and your children safe which is our top priority and we would support you with your application and then throughout the entire process.

If you are or have recently been in a domestic abusive relationship, it is important to consider if you may need a protective order to ensure your safety and wellbeing. Speak with a team member at BH Support and we can support you with deciding if this is appropriate.

Within the family support provision, our team support many local families through the family courts as court trends change and legal aid is reduced further and rarely available. This is achieved by delivering a full portfolio of administrative support, moral support, mentoring and McKenzie Friend court support.

Reach Out Now for Support

Please click the above link and provide your details in order that we can begin to support you.

You will  be sent a questionnaire where you will be able to outline your situation and provide us with essential information to support you fully, every step of the way.

The information you send to us is security encrypted and will be kept completely confidential and completely safe enabling us to allocate the correct member of our family team to support you at your initial Free Appointment.

Please ensure that the contact information that you provide, including your email and telephone number is safe to use without being able to be accessed by anyone else.

If your email or telephone is not safe, please nominate a trusted friend to receive our form on your behalf or telephone our office on 01202 985111 and one of our family support team will assist you further.

After you have sent this extra information to us, we will give you direct access to our bookings calendar where you may choose a date and time that suits you for your initial Free Appointment. This can be in-person at our safe, confidential space in Southbourne or by telephone or video call.

If you need any assistance with the completion of the form or you wish to book an appointment directly by telephone, call 01202 985111 and one of our family support team will assist you further.

We provide support for:

  • Divorce Application Support

  • Child Arrangements

  • Child Maintenance

  • Money and Property

  • Family Law Support

  • Court Support

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Water Lily Project 01202 246763
Womens Aid Live Chat
Refuge 0808 200 0247
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Shelter – Dorset 0344 515 1400
Relate 01202 311231
Victim Support 0300 303 0163
Teen Challenge Dorset 07512 715204
STARS (Sexual Trauma and Recovery Services) 01202 308840
Somerford Arc 01202 470117
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