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Our family team at BH Support have experience both personally and professionally and can offer you practical, expert support as well as empathy and understanding, helping you to make the best decisions and provisions for you and your family. Whether you are considering a divorce, legal separation or are facing a relationship breakdown, our team can give you the support and guidance you need to get through this very difficult time.

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Court support refers to the assistance provided to individuals who are involved in legal proceedings, whether as an applicant or a respondent, to help them navigate the legal process and present their case effectively in court. This support can take many different forms, depending on the type of case and the needs of the parties involved.

Firstly, we can support you through the completion of paperwork. The majority of cases will require documentation to be completed and presented to the court, this can be daunting and cause confusion, however, our team at BH Support have the capacity to meet with you and complete the relevant forms for or with you to ensure your circumstances and story can be presented to the judge investigating your case.

Additionally, another means in which we provide support is in the form of a McKenzie Friend, whereby a member of our team can attend court with you. A McKenzie Friend is someone who, with the court’s permission, can assist an individual in court proceedings. They can provide moral support and advice but cannot provide full legal representation. Although they cannot officially represent you in court, their presence and assistance can be beneficial in ensuring that your case is heard properly and that your rights are protected. We actively work towards empowering you to tell your story and we are there to ensure if you have any confusion or questions throughout, that you have someone with you to help.

Within the family support provision, our team support many local families through the family courts as court trends change and legal aid is reduced further and rarely available. This is achieved by delivering a full portfolio of administrative support, moral support, mentoring and McKenzie Friend court support.

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We provide support for:

  • In Person Hearings

  • Video Hearings

  • McKenzie Friend Court Support

  • Statements and Evidence

  • Document Management

  • Moral Support

  • Money and Property

  • Magistrates Court

  • Family Law Support

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