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Immigration Support –
Tier 1 Spousal Visa

Mr T, a UK Citizen born in Nepal, required administrative assistance in securing a Tier 1 spousal visa for his Nepalese wife where their 6 year marriage was not legally accepted in the UK. Our support and guidance ensured that both parties were able to fully understand the documents required to support the application, mentoring on the overseas interview process and guidance on the appeal process following initial rejection. Our support along with an introduction to the registrar to facilitate the UK wedding secured the appropriate visa and the happy couple have now become a family with a baby born earlier this year. We continue to support the family with administration guidance in regard to the registration of the birth, child benefit application and will be supporting them in regard to their application for indefinite leave to remain.

BH Support Cost – £45 per hour. Total Hours 6. Total Cost £270
High Street Equivalent –       Immigration Lawyer Application  £3500

Positive Social Impact
Personal- This couple now knows and understands their legal rights and responsibilities. They feel empowered, confident and have increased aspirations and feelings about the future
Financial – Achieving financial stability for the average family within a population is of far more benefit than increasing the wealth of the few.
Community – The family can now stay and continue to work and invest in the community. Everyone benefits from an understanding of people from all backgrounds and cultures.  The sense of belonging that comes from being part of a community group and having peer support can reduce loneliness and anxiety. There are more people who volunteer and give their time back to others.

Without BH Support

This couple may have ended up leaving the UK or paying large legal fees along with reduced ability to access support for the future.

Paying unnecessarily high legal costs to families can have cause long term debt and damage which ultimately places the financial burden back in the lap of the government.