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The highly experienced team at BH Support offer expert guidance and tips to help you fully understand and navigate your way through defending or taking action through the civil courts. We fully understand the emotions that are present when situations have reached a point that cannot be amicably resolved without the intervention of the judicial system and we help you understand the different ways in which you can prepare to defend against a claim or to put together the correct documents and evidence required to make a claim through the civil courts.

We know that working ‘with’ people, not just ‘for’ them, keeps our support affordable and ensures the best outcome for people within our community.

At BH Support we help you to de-emotionalise the situation in order that you may structure your legal argument without the need for expensive solicitors or barristers that can sometimes be disproportionate with their fee structure. We will always attempt to find an amicable and agreeable solution to any problem by approaching the other party in a ‘without prejudice’ manner to ascertain as to whether the matter could be prevented from proceeding to court saving both parties and the judicial system unnecessary costs and time. If the matter has progressed beyond this point then we can work with you in court acting as litigation friends, supporting you with document control, assisting with understanding some of the more complex legal terms and empowering you to use your own voice as a litigant in person or to personally defend against any action taken against you.

Should the matter be one of criminal or high court then we can assist you to understand the options that are available to you by way of legal aid support or by referral to our trusted regulated partners where we have pre-arranged preferential rates. Before doing so, we can help you to understand and simplify the story by working with you to create a working file to hand over to your regulated representative.

We provide support for:

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Small Claims

  • Consumer Law

  • Personal Injury Claims

  • Discrimination

  • Free or Affordable Legal Help

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