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Our dedicated support staff understand the importance of the safety and security of owning or renting your own home, the complexities of the UK housing benefit system and the emotional trauma of a landlord or neighbour dispute along with the fear of eviction. We can work with you to navigate through applications, appeals and to help create positive resolutions along with assisting you to achieving your full entitlement. We understand the importance of listening to your story and fully understanding your position enabling us to socially prescribe to the most appropriate community support organisation that can give specialist advice and guidance where needed and when needed the most.

We know that working ‘with’ people, not just ‘for’ them, keeps our support affordable and ensures the best outcome for families and individuals within our community.

At BH Support we help you to locate housing benefits and support that you may not understand or realise that you are entitled to and support you in dealing with adverse life events that change your entitlement by focussing on a positive outcome for individuals and families within our community including those that are physically challenged, part of a minority or marginalised group or those feeling heightened levels of anxiety due to feeling socially isolated. We believe that everyone has an entitlement to a safe home and our support service extends to home visits to ensure that those most vulnerable can be assisted with dispute resolution, threats of eviction,  applications and appeals by way of our advocacy service along with recommending and contacting more specialist community support organisations that can assist where we are unable.

We provide support for:

  • Housing Benefit

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Renting a Home

  • Buying a Home

  • Eviction

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