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The dedicated and highly experienced administrative team at BH Support are ready to support you with practical, affordable advice, guidance and support. Whether you are struggling with how to write a letter to complain about something you have bought or bad service you have received, we understand how to listen to your story and to convert it into the right type of communication that will elicit the right type of response. It may be that you have a concern with the behaviour or conduct of a neighbour and you don’t wish to confront them directly, so let our team help you to understand the scenario from your perspective and the point that you wish to raise and construct an effective and informative communication that has the right amount of emotion and the right level of demand in order that matters do not escalate of cause anxiety.

We know that working ‘with’ people, not just ‘for’ them, keeps our support affordable and ensures the best outcome for families and individuals within our community.

At BH Support we help you to understand complex issues more clearly and find a pathway to effective communication in response. We can also help you to collate paperwork following bereavement in preparation for probate or assist you with understanding complicated financial matters by rationalising the situation with you in order that you also understand the details before creating a pathway to resolution together. You may be experiencing anxiety over debts and be unable to find the strength to contact the creditors, we can assist you with finding greater courage, a deeper understanding and approach them together to find resolution. Our team of professional have many years of communication and conflict resolution experience and can offer affordable administrative support solutions.

We provide support for:

  • Letter Writing

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Complaints

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