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Employment Law Support (Employee) –
Unfair/Constructive Dismissal/Equality Act Discrimination

Mr H, was referred to us by way of our social media platform. Mr H had been singled out, from a workforce of over 600 and made redundant. This action had been taken by his former employer as a direct result of a high-profile media campaign against his estranged father for historical abuse claims dating from 1970’s.

We provided extensive administrative support to Mr H with a claim for unfair and constructive dismissal and discrimination under the Equality Act. The resultant claim led to a telephone hearing and a preliminary hearing at HMCTS (Her Majesty Court and Tribunal Service).  Upon direction from the presiding Judge, the organisation accepted that their actions were unlawful and a financial settlement was made following the initial hearings. We continue to support Mr H with his business endeavours.

BH Support Cost – £0 per hour.  Total Hours 120. (Mr H donated £4,000 from his award)
High Street Equivalent – Available on a call centre no win/no fee basis outside of our geographical catchment and not available face to face or 121.

Positive Social Impact:
Personal – Mr H has had a positive experience of the UK judicial system and been protected from further damage to his physical and mental health at the hands of  his father.
He has improved confidence, resilience and self-esteem and a positive sense of self.
Can confidently move forward with his life, aware that he has autonomy and control over the outcome.
Financial – Mr H has been reimbursed and is able to continue looking for further employment without fear of this having a long-term effect on his ability to work.
Community – With trust and reputation restored Mr H now has increased drive and enthusiasm and  is better able to positively contribute to the community and involve himself in groups and events.
Being connected to community groups enables people to be more physically active and improves mental health, helping them to stay well for longer and lessen the impact of long-term conditions.

Without BH Support

Mr H falls into an area of society well documented to be at high risk of long-term mental health issues and suicide following loss of status and financial stability.

Poor mental health pushes most people into isolation furthering the negative impact on the individual and the community.

Without acknowledgement of unlawful actions from the employer this issue will likely have affected Mr H’s ability to work in the future, causing long term unemployment and an additional drain on government benefits.