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Employment Law Support (Employer) –
Constructive Dismissal/Breach of TUPE

A local construction and fabrication company providing bespoke hospital refits into the NHS required a hands-on approach to the process management of a disruptive and disengaged employee. After initial mediation broke down with the management team, the employee was performance managed out of the business using a lawful process.

The resultant dismissal led to an employment tribunal which was successfully defended saving the client over £40,000 in compensation and costs. Following this successful defence our client sought advice on the best protection against a similar scenario and an insurance policy was put into place to cover future employment and health and safety implications. We have continued to support the company with business strategy and guidance.

BH Support Cost – £0 per hour. Total Hours 80 (The company provided extensive resources and materials to refurbish our current facility)

High Street Equivalent – Minimum £20,000 due to the complexity of the claim defence

Positive Social Impact
Personal– The client now has a better understanding of employment law and they are covered with the necessary insurance policies for the future.
Financial– a large sum of money has been saved providing the client with financial stability within their business, the chance to continue servicing the community as well as their employees and giving them a better quality of life.
Community- This business continues to thrive in the locality, investing in the community and providing jobs.

Without BH Support

This size of company would have struggled to pay the extensive costs associated with this employment tribunal without feeling the heavy impact. This would have put the business in jeopardy, jobs at risk and caused no end of personal and professional stress.