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Consumer Rights Act 2015 –
Disability Scooter Purchase

Mr G, attended an evening event at BH Support and subsequently attended a free consultation concerning his purchase of a disability scooter, from an online retailer, that was not fit for purpose. Mr G had spent his entire savings to ensure that he was able to be mobile and visit his children and grandchildren locally. Our support involved initially understanding the failure of the scooter and the details of the transaction then holding discussions with the trader concerned and entering into negotiations to repair or replace the scooter to his benefit and complete satisfaction. Mr G continues to attend our events, travelling to us on his replaced and upgraded scooter.

BH Support Cost – £95 per hour. Total Hours 2. Total Cost £190
High Street Equivalent –  £1000


Positive Social Impact
Personal- Needs being understood and met is an incredibly important part of feeling accepted and contributes highly towards having good mental health.  It is difficult for an able-bodied person to understand the additional challenges a person with a disability might experience but being listened to and supported helps each person to be able to have the best quality of life. The physical and emotional benefits to Mr G of being able to go out, attend events, go to the shops and visit family and friends are endless.
Financial– Mr G did not lose his savings and was able to use them, as he had wished, to improve his quality of life.
Everyone is entitled to the chance to financial security, to work and a to decent standard of living and being able to physically access people, shops, the community and resources aids to both the individual and locality financially.
According to Scope disabled people are almost twice as likely to be unemployed as non-disabled people.
Community – In the UK 19% of working age adults are disabled, 45% of pension age adults are disabled and overall more than 3.7 million disabled people are in work, that is a huge percentage of our population.
The times where participating in community life is difficult for a disabled person, is often where there is a breakdown in communication or lack of understanding so being heard and accepted is crucial to an accepting and inclusive community.

Without BH Support

Mr G would have undoubtedly lost his money and he would have been considerably less able to be a part of his family and community. This leads to worse mental and physical health for the individual, a loss of the input of a key family member to the children and grand-children and the isolation of an individual in the community, resulting in further strain on the community’s resources.

Government statistics show us: Disabled people are more than twice as likely to be unemployed as non-disabled people. Life costs you £583 more on average a month if you’re disabled.

Around a third of disabled people experience difficulties related to their impairment in accessing public, commercial and leisure goods and services

Disabled people remain significantly less likely to participate in cultural, leisure and sporting activities than non-disabled people.