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Civil Court –
Counterclaim Defence Resolution

Mr E was referred by a business client and is Egyptian by nationality with little understanding of the law or the implications of his actions. Following a motor vehicle accident in 2016, Mr E received an unexpected call from a personal injury claims company who pursued a claim for injury on a no win/no fee basis. Mr E followed their direction and attended many diagnostic examinations at their request for alleged injuries that he did not understand due to the complexity of the reports and technical language used. The insurer placed a counter claim against Mr E for over £236,000 together with an accusation of fundamental dishonesty in regard to the claim. 3 weeks before the Civil Case Mr E’s representation claims company notified him that they did not wish to continue with their representation of him, despite being fully responsible for the counter claim. Working with Mr E and the insurers representative counsel we provided support as a Litigation Friend with a lay translator and negotiated a drop hands solution, which was accepted by the court and finalised without further action releasing Mr E from the fear and anxiety of a criminal conviction and bankruptcy. Through the support we identified that Mr E had a severely disabled child and received no benefit support and had no means of transport. Our guidance led to his family receiving financial support and access to the Motability scheme who provided the family with a fully insured and taxed specially adapted vehicle.

BH Support Cost – £ 95 per hour. Total Hours 20. Total reduced cost £500
High Street Equivalent – c £ 8000.00
Administrative Support £4,000
Representative Counsel £4,000

Positive Social Impact
Personal – Mr E can now support his family, without the stress and burden of the impending legal action and he is able to get help and support on future matters where his understanding of the English language may limit him. Health is primarily driven by social factors and this entire family can now work together in a positive way for one another and as member of the locality.
Financial – Mr E is able to work free from debt and bankruptcy. He and his family are now receiving financial support to further the quality of theirs and their sons lives and they have access to the Motability scheme.
CommunityShared lessons rather than having to learn from your own mistakes or successes you can reach out to the community and ask if anyone has had an experience that could be valuable to your situation.

Without BH Support

Mr E would have been facing a huge sum of money to pay the insurance company with no understanding of why, or how to deal with it. He would have suffered a possible criminal conviction and bankruptcy. He would have been leaving a severely disabled child and his wife with no financial support and no means of transport.

Without support language and cultural barriers lead to the exclusion of individuals in communities and without all members being active participants be to the detriment of the community as a whole.