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BH Support is a not for profit, Community Interest Company.  Our Mission is to provide legal support to local families and individuals within our community to resolve disputes, helping the community as a whole to live better lives.  We believe that a strong and mutually supportive Community can help families and individuals lead better lives personally and professionally.  The people around us can inspire us, give us opportunities and restore a sense of belonging, and with support, empathy and the right guidance we are all better equipped to negotiate the most challenging times and situations.

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Peter Guest
Peter GuestExecutive Director
A serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of lived experience at the front line of emerging business markets, Peter has empowered over 2000 directly employed staff and 8 different companies to success, but not without sacrifice. Burning out in his early 40’s, he found himself in unchartered territory as a single lone father with underlying serious health issues and surrounded by litigation. Self-taught and highly experienced within the legal system, Peter is a high functioning emotionally intelligent superhero that never says no to a challenge and is there in your corner to support you, your family and your employment matters with a total dedication to legacy creation and a stronger together attitude.

“Looking back now, the first half of my life was a complete failure, a total disaster. I had everything I ever wished for and from the outside it looked fantastic but inside I was empty, it needed a massive change or I was over. By finding acceptance, I found the desire to support others in their hour of need and a richness that I never thought possible. Servitude brings resilience and recovery and is the true medicine for success”

Peter has re-built a beautiful blended family, living locally and now has significantly more happy days than sad ones, serving the local community with his vast legal and commercial experience in his capacity of Executive Director at BH Support, a Not for Profit Community Interest Company focused on helping to benefit the local community through lived experience peer support.

Leylah Honeyborne
Leylah HoneyborneNon Executive Director
Following a highly successful international career spanning over 15 years and 3 continents, Leylah experienced a succession of tragic life events which caused a dramatic change and the lucrative career became past tense, sacrificed entirely to care for her husband through a life threatening illness and two young children. Navigating through the legal, financial and medical scenarios that unfolded over the next ten years has shaped a wordly wise consummate professional into a highly charismatic, empathic and kind individual that has centred the rest of her life toward supporting others in their time of need.

“After learning so much over the years about the practical difficulties we can come up against in this country while going through some of the most challenging and painful times in our lives, I decided that I wanted to use this experience to help other people to get through their tough times with the support that I wish had been there for us when we needed it the most”

Leylah is now happily raising her family locally and is our Non Executive Director at BH Support, a Not for Profit Community Interest Company focused on helping to benefit the local community through lived experience peer support.

Alina Guest
Alina GuestCommunity Services Manager
Elliott Pardoe
Elliott PardoeLegal Support Administrator - Intern
Lydia Crabb
Lydia CrabbLegal Support Administrator - Intern

BH Support provides 30 minute free consultation on any subject offering a safe, comfortable place to help plan the route to resolution with expert by experience peer support and subject matter experts.  With a fuller understanding of the support required, BH Support is able to indicate a time frame and associated cost, based upon an agreed hourly rate or to signpost to a regulated provider with favourable pre-negotiated rates.




Connecting Local Resources

Working tirelessly with local specialist providers, charities, community groups, regulated partners, churches, support groups, mental and physical health providers, local authorities and the judiciary system, we are led by a governance team and steering group from within the local community, to serve the local community understanding the local needs and working together to find long term resolution.


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